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Recorded at Deep Desert, Providence RI
July 2015

Cover Art by John Pyle


released September 11, 2015




all rights reserved


Savage Blind God Providence, Rhode Island


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Track Name: Omnipresent Wyrm
Showered by the seeding trees,
producing shade of disbelief.
What grows under pillowed stone?
Mark of the eternal home.
Shade of night
fading day.
Waking life
shaded gray.
Worms ingest what will become
a dinner plagued by alchemy.
Hiding from the changing days,
saved from the eternal night.
Waking life's
fading days.
Track Name: Hy(i)ste(o)rical Society
Simple world unsustained,
simple minds unrestrained.
Cursing life for overgrowing
while psycho-cultists become all knowing.

I could be him
in a prison of judgment.
I could make pain.
I could make pain.

Twisting words, creating wisdom
Another chapter destroyed by freedom.
Track Name: Bloodied Scripture
Pulling at the void
for an answer worth holding,
but blood is redundant
and flows for nothing.

Blood Scripture, bloody...
Track Name: Sickening Sanity
Flailing in torture.
Pain without feeling.
Personal distrust.
Rusting gates of being.
Organs are playing.
Dissonance sustaining.
Circumvent the madness.
Too much in the sky.
Sickening Sanity.
Track Name: Sedate and Infect
Mystifying chemicals circling the sky,
tanks of liquid love cast infernal lies.
All are suffering...
pain denied...
we are all...
dead inside...
Injecting holy sacrament, sedated over time.
Blissful industry with mindless sacrifice.

Overpowering injustice.
Sedate and infect.
Track Name: Where Spirits Get Eaten
Crawling through a crack of darkness,
frame between life's strobing light.
It dangles sanity from a thread,
held hostage by it's holy knife.
It devours
it deceives
it empowers
it breeds.
A hunger to swallow the world;
This fucking disease.
We cower in fear;
This fucking disease.
While lusting for more.